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Zits on chin treatment

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If you have zits on chin, blame it on the hormonal imbalance which is a common problem with pregnant women. The problem of hormone is linked to menstruation, stopping usage of birth pills and teenage problems. All these are known to cause changes in the hormonal balance.

The hormonal fluctuation is generally considered to be the main reason for the zits on chin. However, there are other factors which contribute to the problem. The kind of makeup that one uses has an impact on the presence of pimples on the chin.

There are some which are harmful and will tend to cause the outbreak of pimples anywhere on the face. The chin is one of the most commonly affected parts of the face in case of such an outbreak. It is very sensitive to changes in skin products that one uses.

Do you observe basic hygiene on the face? For some people, washing the face to clear the oil and dirt is optional. This could lead to build up of acne on the face. Ensure that you wash the face at least twice, in the morning and evening. The aim of doing this is to prevent the pores from being blocked.

The hands are usually dirty. Unfortunately, most of us like resting our hands on the chin. If they have bacteria in them, it is passed onto the chin and the result is that one ends up with zits on chin. Keep your hands clean always and if possible, stop the habit of resting them on the cheeks.

The cell phone could be an agent of transmission of bacteria causing acne. We rest the phone on the cheeks and his point of contact is where one suffers from bacterial infection. Clean your phone regularly to protect the chin.

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