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What is nodulocystic acne?

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There is a form of acne that affects not just the face but the chest and back as well. It is a debilitating form of acne causing several inflammation nodules and scars. It is known as nodulocystic acne and could be worse and especially because it is characterised by hard lumps and the presence of the cysts.This condition affects more males than females.


If you are suffering from this condition, there are a number of signs and symptoms you are going to display. The first one is the presence of deep lumps which are large and painful.

The second one is cysts which appear on the epithelium. They are considered to be true cysts on account of the fact that they appear on the epithelial lining. Something else different about these cysts is that they ooze blood before pus comes out eventually.

After prolonged stay under the surface of the skin, they become hard, leaving behind scars

How can the condition be treated?

The nodulocystic acne treatment is not an easy one, given the fact that it is severe. One form of medication will not work. The topical treatment that people result to does not help to remedy the situation.

Scarring usually starts early with nodulocystic acne, hence to have a more comprehensive form treatment. There are courses of treatment known as isotretinoin which is commenced at the onset o f the scar formation.

The other recommended treatment options which in this case are homemade. The first that you should consider is detoxification where you eliminate the toxins found in the body. Taking juices, smoothies and greens are some of three best ways of helping the body get rid of toxins .The pores open up and the risk of nodulocystic acne is reduced.

The ACV and the facial masks should also be used to treat it.

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