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What is acne?

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What is acne? Ever suffered from acne? Well, if you have, you truly understand that it is not just appearance of a few pimples. Acne is not just like other common skin problems but it is an extensive menace which penetrates deep in the skin thereby causing isolation and at times depression to the individuals involved. The good news is that this skin problem can be controlled with the use of right medications.

So what is acne and how does it happen? The appearance of that red lump, whitehead or black head on your skin is followed by several steps. It all begins with a clogged pore. Our skin cells have a mechanism which helps in skin renewal. A new skin is revealed after every 30 days after the dead skin peels off. In this process however, those people who are acne prone, the dead skin mixes with oil thereby becoming sticky. So instead of the skin shedding off, itclogged the pores hence trap oil and bacteria inside.

What is acne and how is it stimulated? Over production of sebum can heighten the chances of developing acne on any part of our body. This normally happens during the puberty stage or when one is undergoing emotional stress. The androgen activity increases by triggering the sebaceous glands to secrete a lot of oil. This great oil production causes clogging of the pores. This continues collecting and building pressure in the pore.

With this increase, thebacterium that is normally present on the skin begins to feed and breed. As the bacteria digest on the oil, they release a byproduct which is forced out through a hair follicle. Our bodies react to this by product and therefore an immune reaction is mounted. The result is a swell and inflammation. Finally you will have bump which you know as a pimple.

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