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What causes tooth extraction bleeding?

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When the tooth is extracted in the mouth, bleeding occurs. We need to appreciate the fact that the tooth is a living part of the body. It is supplied with blood via blood vessels. There are also soft tissues which are surrounding it. In most cases, we are responsible for the tooth extraction bleeding due to any of the following reasons:


When you smoke, you prevent the blood from clotting. Clotting is necessary to help the healing process. The blood clot dissolves and as it is washed off, leading to bleeding in the mouth. The sucking action of the cigarette causes the bleeding of the mouth. One to the reasons why people bleed is because they start smoking immediately after the tooth has been extracted. According to experts, one is supposed to take a minimum of 24 hours before resuming. There are those who even recommend that you take 5 days since the wounds do not heal the same way.

Do you suck on a straw when taking drinks? The straw will cause delayed healing and bleeding.This is because the clots are prevented from forming; bleeding will occur when this happens.


Some over-the-counter medications are likely to cause bleeding. If you have had tooth extraction bleeding, there are drugs which you are supposed to avoid. One should inform the doctor the medications you are taking for a different condition. If they are likely to cause bleeding, you will be asked to stop taking them or change them with new medications.

Chewing action

If you are chewing on hard food, you irritate the wound, leading to a condition that will affect the wound. The side where the tooth has been removed should not chew food as this would cause bleeding.

Hot or cold foods or drinks

If you eat very cold or hot food, you will irritate the area and the end result t is that you will start to bleed. They affect the healing process.

Dry socket

This is of the most painful conditions which occur, leading to tooth extraction bleeding. The condition arises when clotting is prevented from taking place. The tissue, nerves and the bone come into contact with air. Apart from the incessant pain, one will suffer from bleeding since the area will be irritated.

The bleeding that goes on for more than 24 hours should raise the red flag. The sutures may not have been done properly, so one could continue bleeding long after the tooth extraction bleeding. Some surgeons are not well knowledgeable on teeth extraction; hence one could go on bleeding more than 24 hours after the operation.

Licking the site with the tongue could interfere with the healing, hence the possibility of bleeding. The clotting process should not be exposed to any external interference.

The last reason why bleeding could go on for hours is that some people engage in various activities which could affect the healing. Lifting heavy objects or intense exercise could irritate the state and will thus start to bleed.

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