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What causes breakouts on chin?

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Who like breakouts and to be specific on the chin! To manage and treat breakouts on chin is very tricky. When one has chin breakouts, a lot can be deduced on matters concerning somebody’s general health. The following are some of the reasons as to why you have those chin zits.

Hormonal chin acne

This is one of the very common causes of the appearance of zits on your chin. The imbalance in hormones triggers excessive production of sebum. Since the skin is the largest excretory organ, the excess oil makes its way out through the pores in the skin. When this meets with bacteria present in the pores, clogging tends to take place on your chin. This hormonal chin acne can go deeper into your skin hence very sensitive and painful when touched.

Poor hygiene and bacteria

Bacteria are ever present and more so do well in dirty conditions. This being the case,breakouts on chin can be as a result of what you are handling more often and how it is done. If you are the kind of person who shares devices like the phone and facial products then you are in for the trap. These devices can be contaminated due to a number of people who handle them. To avoid this from happening to you, avoid sharing of such devices and the other thing is that your hands should be always clean.

Dairy diets

This is another possible cause of breakouts on chin. Those people who are lactose intolerant are the most affected due to the inability of their body to digest this mucous forming food. Normally, the body excretes the excess food in milk through the skin. When this happens, they combine with dirt and bacteria in a pore forming a very painful lump on the chin.

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