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What cause acne around chin?

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One of the most commonly asked question is what causes acne around chin. The truth of the matter is that changes in the hormones are believed to be the main suspects. One might wonder how this could be the case. What you should not forget is that there are many hormonal changes which occur in the body at different times. Let us look at difference scenarios.

Ceasing using contraceptive

Do you use contraceptives? If you do, you must have noticed that if you either stopped using them or changed the product, this would have an impact on the hormonal balance in the body. Women who suddenly stops taking birth pills or change them will experience acne around chin.


The aspect of pregnancy causes changes in the hormones in the body and the result is the t one suffers acne around chin. It is thought that such changes lead to sebaceous glands producing excess amount of oil. When this oil comes to the surface of the skin, it blocks the pores. The result is the pimples on the chin and the jaw line.

Excessive sweating

If you sweat a lot, you could easily be a victim of the acne around chin. The sweat plugs the pores on the skin, leading to the problem.


The onset of menstrual flow in women is widely believed to trigger the excess production of oil on the skin.

The acne could spread from the other parts of the body such as lip. It starts when you use certain products like toothpaste with SLS. The pimples multiply and could end up reaching the chin.

The acne on the chin could also be as result of the intake of some foods which lead to toxicity in the body as they are not digested properly.

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