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What are acne scars?

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You will find that acne scars are very common nowadays. They affect both men and women. The scars are present on the skin on the skin but most people confuse them with dark spots. However, you will find that they are caused by the blemishes which become inflamed. Our skin cells contain oil in them. When they fill up with the oil, they swell and then burst.

Apart from the oil, there are bacteria and dead skin cells all of which end up breaking the wall of follicle. There are deep and shallow lesions which will form on the skin. The shallow ones disappear while the deeper ones will tend to form the scars.

How do the acne scars?

When one suffers from these scars, there is first foremost the formation of a wound. The body reacts by releasing more collagen which end up creating masses on the surface of the skin .There re are various scars which form this way. The common ones are the keloid or hypertrophic. There are however, others which are formed as result of loss of tissue, leading to depressed scars.

How do you treat the acne scars?

If you are suffering from this condition, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent the condition. The first one is to protect the skin from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The reason why the rays are harmful is because they lead to overproduction of skin pigments. The latter makes the ace worse than it is.


The skin should be exfoliated as regularly as possible. This entails the removal of dead skin cells.

Do not pick the spots

You should avoid picking the scars using your fingers.
Lastly, eat healthily and take water to stay hydrated.

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