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Understanding the acne face map

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If you have an acne face, there are a number of things that you will need to know. The Chinese medicine tells us that there are some specific areas on the face where the acne will appear. Not only that, you can read so much about the acne based on its location.

One thing you will discover about the acne face map is that although it is an exact science, it will give you an idea about why you have this problem. The cheek, chin, nose and forehead represent various organs in the body going by the face map. Let us look at some of them and try to see what they mean.

The acne on the forehead means that you are not getting enough sleep. There are many toxins in the body and you are also not having the best diet. Check the skin products that you are currently using as they could be the cause of the acne on the forehead.

The next on the acne face is the one which appears on the temple. You could be eating a lot of processed foods and having serious issues with the hygiene.
The pimples appearing between your brows are reflective of your poor exercise, excessive use of alcohol, smoking and taking snacks late into the night.

If you have pimples on the nose, watch for the excessive intake spices, meat, and salt. Lack of exercise could be blamed for the problem. The left and right cheeks are part of the acne face map. Watch out what you eating, maintain hygiene and try to relax.

If you have the acne on the lip, the problem could be due to lack of fibre in the diet. The last are the chin and jaw which are due to poor diet, hygiene and lack of exercise.

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