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Understanding cystic acne

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Teenagers suffer from a pimple or so. This is perfectly normal as hormones rage. However, the pimples may increase in size, turn red and then, without warning, break out beneath the skin. When this happens, you will have developed what we call cystic acne.

If these skin break outs are not treated on time, they could end up becoming permanent. While they are still preventable, check out at the nearest hospital on time. Talk to your dermatologist when you notice the first signs.

Exactly how does the cystic acne form?

The first thing you will notice is a normal looking pimple. As time goes by, this pimple is filled up with dead skin cells .Bacteria could also end filling inside it to the point that it burst open. There will be swelling and reddening in the area.
The infection may not just be superficial; it can spread to the deeper areas of the skin. A read, tender bump that is filled with pus could end forming. You will feel like itching and eventually, it will burst. The infection could spread, leading to several other breakouts.

Who is at risk?

Though anyone can suffer from this cystic acne, teenagers and anyone in their early twenties are the most vulnerable. It strikes various parts of the body such as the face, upper arms, neck and shoulders to name but a few.

What causes the acne?

It is not known exactly what causes the problem but the main suspect remains the hormones. These hormones increase the most when you are a teenager. The clogging problem arises and there is an outbreak and further spreading.
In women, the problem is mostly linked to menstrual flow, menopause or pregnancy. For others, there is a condition known as polycystic ovary syndrome or POS. You will also be at a risk if one of your parents had it.

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