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Understanding acne under skin

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When acne appears on the skin, we tend to think that the problem is only on the surface. However, this could be skin deep. You can have acne under skin to show that you have an underlying problem. The facial blemishes, scars, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules among others are symptoms of other conditions in the body.

If you have acne under skin, one of the problems that you could be suffering from is polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. One of the reasons for this condition is the resultant hormone insensitivity.
Acne is actually one of the reasons for the PCOS.

Adrenal hyperplasia

There are congenital conditions which one suffers from but which could be linked to acne under skin. One of the causes is adrenal hyperplasia. The overproduction or the underproduction of some hormones in the body such as testosterone leads to an outbreak of acne.

Menstrual cycle

Women do sometimes suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. This is usually a hormonal problem which in turn causes acne under skin. The ovulation problem could also be a reason for the outbreak. If you have not had normal ovulation, you should expect some acne to appear on the skin.

Gaining in weight

When people gain weight, there are usually some problems which appear on the skin. The acne appears but we do not hasten to associate it with weight. You will however notice that most people who add weight tend to have skin problems.

Thinning of hair

The loss of hair is as a result of changes in hormones. It is one of the symptoms of PCOS. There is an underlying problem which causes the hair loss as well as appearances of acne.

Next time you see acne under skin, think beyond the surface of the skin: it just could be a problem that is skin deep.

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