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Treatment of forehead pimples

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One of commonest types of acne attacks are the forehead pimples. They are sometimes referred to as adult acne. Once there is an outbreak of this condition, you will need the best cure for them. The following are the various options you should go for.

Stop using cosmetics

The forehead pimples are in most cases as a result of certain chemicals found in the skin products. Since it is not possible to know the specific ones causing it, simply withdraw their use completely.

Treat dandruff

Those with dandruff should use the appropriate medications such as sulphur so that the flaking and itching does not end up on the face, farther aggravating the condition.

Cleansing and moisturising

The entire face should be cleansed and moisturised. This will help in removing debris, dirt or any excess oil on the face.

The over-the –counter medications such as the alcohol-based ones are not the best and should be avoided at all costs.Instead, go for the non-comedogenic ones.

Use a soft towel

The face and the forehead in this case, are very sensitive. A harsh towel will break the forehead pimples. Use a soft towel and instead of just wiping, you will only need to pat it dry.

Remove make up before retiring to bed

We tend to forget to remove make up when we go to sleep. This tends to aggravate the situation. The best way to prevent the makeup from clogging the pores is to remove it at night before sleeping each night.

Adult acne is actually treatable as long as one has the right medication. In this case, you should use Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Chemical peeling

Some scars are deeply rooted, hence conventional treatment not work. In such a case, one may consider chemical peeling as it will deeper into the skin.

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