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Tips to having free face acne

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It is a dream of each and every individual that they will have a face that is free of acne. Well, this is achievable if only the all the things that lead to an acne free face is achieved. Such things to be observed include keeping off dirt, oil and inflammation. The following are some of tips which if followed to the latter can lead to having free face acne.

Avoid popping your pimples

Mark you, pimples have bacteria and if you pop them up then this allows other pores to get this bacteria. When this happens, it means that the number of pimples will multiply and cover a wide surface of your skin.

Do not apply your make up for sometime

Yes, got it right? Go without your make for a while. This may be very difficult since you can imagine your already bad skin going without makeup. In the long run, this will be very beneficial to your skin as this will be time for your skin to clear up. The foundation and lipstick which you use can be very harmful to your face acne.

Keep your hands off your face

When you have a pimple on the face, there is a tendency of wanting to press it against hoping that it will disappear. The other thing is that no matter the number of times we wash our hands, there will be a residual of oil and dirt. The two are great friends to bacteria. When you in turn keep on touching your skin, thisdirt, oil and bacteria will get back on your face making it possible for the spread of bacteria in other parts of your face.

Drink lots of water

Keeping your skin hydrated all the time is another tip to ensuring free face acne. It is recommended for women to take at least 9 cups while men can take up to 12 cups a day.

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