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Swollen lip pimple treatment

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There is nothing as embarrassing than having a swollen lip. A lip that is swollen is usually very painful and is characterized by cuts and bleeding making it difficult for you to eat, talk, drink or even a mere opening of the mouth. Some of the causes that are linked to lip pimple include use of poor quality lip care products, nutritionaldeficiencies, and an allergic reaction among many others.

For lip pimple treatment, one can use over the counter or prescribed medicines. Apart from that, one can always try any of the following home remedies for a quick and safe help.

Cold compress

If you happen to note that your lip has a pimple which if not given attention may lead to swelling, apply a cold compress. This lip pimple treatment is one of the best as it will reduce the swelling not forgetting a relieve from pain. Wrap ice cubes in a wash cloth and press it on the swollen lip for a period of 10 minutes after which you can take a break before repeating. This can be done until the swelling goes.

Aloe Vera

An aloe Vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties which work a magic to a swollen lip. An aloe Vera reduces swelling on your lip instantly not forgetting that the burning sensation will also fade away. Apply a fresh extracted gel from an aloe Vera leaf. Massage your lip gently so that the gel will get deep in the lip. Repeat this cat at least 2-3 times in a day.

Black tea bag

Black tea is another lip pimple treatment which has astringent properties which helps in reducing a swell that is on the soft tissue of a lip. To start with, you have to soak the black tea bag in warm water for 10 minutes. Apply it gently on the swollen lip after it has cooled. Repeat this act a number of times for fast results.

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