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Retinoids for acne treatment

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Retinoid has been in use since 1971 when it was approved .It not be the panacea for all your skin problems but it has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of acne. The question is: How does the Retinoids for acne work?

Unclogging of pores

The first thing that you will realize is that the Retinoids are very effective in remove the dirt, oil and debris found on the skin. If you use the Retinoids with other creams, the latter will function better.

No new outbreaks

The second important thing that you will find with the Retinoids for acne is that that they prevent any new outbreak of acne since the dead cells will be cleared. For the same reason, one will be free from acne scars.

Prevention of oil production

The skin cells produce excess oil which clogs the pores. Retinoids for acne help in preventing the sebaceous glands for excreting the excess oil. This way, you will stay clear of the acne.

Killing bacteria

Presence of bacteria on the skin causes the problem of acne to get worse. The use of the retinoid will help to kill the bacteria before it gets out of hand.


Acne leads to inflammation on the affected areas. The use of this product assists in providing relief from the acne.

About the retinoid

It is used in the form of a pill. The very first time when you use it, the body may have some resistance to it. You will thus experience any of the following:

The skin will become red as a reaction to the acne.
Peeling of the skin
The skin will start in the area where you have acne.
The acne exacerbates
The acne will become worse.
When all these happen, just continue using it.

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