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Mapping face with pimples

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The face with pimples can be mapped to understand why these pimples appear on these respective parts. The face will have the zits on the following parts.

The forehead

To tell the face with pimples, you will first notice adult acne which appears on the forehead. It is caused by the accumulation of chemicals on the skin. This blocks the pores of the skin as wells as problems with oil production. People with dandruff and long hair on the front tend to be more vulnerable to the acne on forehead. Scrubbing the forehead could irritate the forehead, leading to onset of the acne.

The acne will also appear on the cheeks. These cheeks are sensitive to diet and hormone problems. The use of the harsh chemicals could trigger the acne. There could also be problems with some organs like the lungs, leading to worsening of the problem.

There is acne on the chin which is commonly associated with the hormonal changes. The face with pimples includes will include the acne appearing on the chin. It is due to changes in hormones in the body. For instance, women who change their use birth pills, getting pregnant or eating certain foods like dairy products.

It is important to note that use of dairy products like milk has a direct effect on the sebaceous glands. The digestive system is unable to digest the milk or milk products and this is reflected on the skin when there is overproduction of oil. The toxicity is due to the fact that the body is not able to effectively remove waste products.

The chin could also be affected by the use of certain chemicals which irritate it. Be careful on the chemical products that we apply on the lips as this could lead to acne on lip.

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