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Main acne on chin causes

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When you have acne on the chin, there would be many question going through your mind, like: what are the acne on chin causes? Although there are many reasons for this problem, it is important to note that there are main ones which are as explained as below:

Change in hormonal levels

The change in hormonal balance in the chin area has been found to be one of the main acne chin causes. The hormones will affect the whole body. When this happens, it triggers the productions of oil on the skin. The oil production becomes more than the usual one. The excess oil blocks the pores on the chin area.

Growth bacteria

There is bacterial growth and multiplication in the area where the oil is trapped on the surface of the skin in the area .The bacteria in turn leads to the acne in the area.

Consumption of dairy products

People who consume dairy products like cheese and yogurt are prone to acne break outs. These foods are not well digested, hence come out of the body through the skin in the form of fat hormones. They also trigger the production of more oil in the sebaceous glands.

Picking on the chin

You are not supposed to touch the chin with your hands as you will tend to cause a breakout of the acne. The hands are dirty and therefore the bacteria will be spread in the chin area. The other example of acne on chin causes is the use of certain blemish treatments. The drying blemish treatments will cause the skin to become dry and worsen the situation.

Blockage in the pores

Sometimes the pores are clogged and they are not cleaned out properly .The closed comedones should be purged out of the oil in them; otherwise there will be a break out.

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