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How to treat severe acne

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Acne can be of many types and either of them can be very upsetting but most of all severe acne can distress an individual to a great deal. It is sometimes referred to as cystic acne.  It is characterized by an inflammation that is very painful which can occur on the face and on the body.

Treatment to severe acne should start as early as possible since they can cause a scary. Although it proves to be a bit hard to treat acne, the right medications and of course patience is vital in order for you to notice a remarkable change on your acne.

To avoid frustration when it comes to treating the severe acne, get rid of over the counter acne products. These products will not work for the acne and hence you will only be wasting your time and money. To rid of the acne, you will require a treatment from a medical professional.

A dermatologist will most likely give you a topical medication. In this case, you might be prescribed more than one of the topical medications. All the medications work in different ways.

Topical retinoids

These are the foundations of acne treatment. They help keep the pores unclogged hence are excellent in treating blackheads and breakouts.  Further to that, topical retinoids help in making large pores appear smaller and can also be used as anti-aging treatments.

Topical antibiotics

Part of acne is caused by bacteria and antibiotics here come in handy in killing the bacteria. The moment a dermatologist prescribes topical antibiotics, acne will be kept under control. These topical antibiotics are normally applied on the skin rather than being taken in the mouth.  They are much effective and in no time, the acne that is stressful will clear slowly by slowly.

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