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How to stop chin breakouts

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Chin breakouts are very common especially in women due to hormonal changes and imbalances in the body. These breakouts are normally very painful. The hormonal shifts stimulate excessive oil production which results to growth of bacteria. This bacterium gets trapped in a pore thereby preventing air exchange. The bacteria combines with dirt and dead skin. The results are a sore, painful breakout.

There is always a challenge when it comes to treating chin breakouts. This is because many of the drying spots treatments do not usually heal the skin underneath instead of treating the root cause of the spots. With that in mind it is important to look for those treatments which will not only dry the breakouts but also prevent any bump from being left underneath your skin.

The following are some of the tips which will be very helping in eliminating chin breakouts. They include;

Eliminating dairy products

Dairy products like the milk, cheese and yogurt are mucous forming foods. This makes it very difficult for them to be digested easily making many people develop lactose intolerant. The moment you feed your body with much of dairy products, it becomes too much for your body to digest thereby forcing it to come out in form of cystic acne.

Keeping your cell phone clean

Mobile devices have the potential of having bacteria which can worsen of your acne. So to avoid all this, it is important to keep your cell phone clean in order to avoid transference of bacteria to your skin.

Keeping hands off your chin

Chin breakouts are associated with bacteria which get clogged in a pore. You can therefore prevent unnecessary bacteria from getting to your skin by simply avoid either intentional or unintentional touch. The other thing is to make sure that you constantly wash your hands clean.

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