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How to remove pimples on the chin

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Being a teenager comes with its own share of challenges. The hormones go haywire, leading to problems like pimples on the chin. There will appear lumps which are sore red and painful. They are brought about by the overproduction of oil. This oil comes out and blocks the skin pores. It is not supposed to be a permanent   problem but one which can be managed.

In order to remove the pimple on the chin, you will need to change your lifestyle in terms of what you eat. Some foods like cheese and other dairy products stimulate the skin to produce a lot of oil. These products contain hormones which come out as fat hormones on the skin. If this happens on the chin, you end up with pimples on the chin.

The hormonal imbalance could be corrected by taking the right food. Greens for instance are healthy and a perfect replacement for the eggs, milk and yogurt, to name but a few.  They detoxify the body, helping in removing toxins in the body.

Observe body hygiene

The hands are some of the dirtiest parts of the body. When we touch or pick at the pustules or zits on the chin, bacterial infection occurs and worsens the situation. Experts advise that the area on the skin where you have pimples should be kept clean and not touched with dirty hands.

The toothpaste that you use should be SLS-free. The gel part of most toothpaste that we use tends to have this chemical. It makes the acne worse and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

 Shaving your chin with a blunt razor is going to cause the pimples. If you must use on, ensure is not rusty and at least disinfect it.

Lastly tropical application of Tretinoin will help to remove pimples on chin

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