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How to fade post acne marks

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If   you suffered from acne and healed, there are some marks which are left behind. Also known as macules, they are flat red in colour and sometime brown. These acne scars are caused by what we call post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

One thing that you will notice is that any kind of hyper pigmentation such as aging and allergy related conditions refuse to fade after one has healed.Instead, they start to darken. As such, it is important to look for effective treatment for post acne marks.

 Sun cream

One of the most effective ways to fade post acne marks is to use a sunscreen. One finds that you do not have to only use the sunscreen only when you want to fade these marks. One should always use sunscreen all the time when exposed to the sun. This will shield yours skin from exposure to the harmful UV light.

 Skin exfoliation

To exfoliate is to remove the dead skin cells which build up on the skin. This is done by scrubbing the skin using exfoliates. The best option when exfoliating the skin is to go for chemical exfoliation. The reason for this choice is the fact that   the chemical will go deeper into the skin hence helps in the fading post acne marks.

Use of skin lighteners

There are various skin lighteners one can resort to eliminate the marks. The vitamin C and hydroquinone are some of the well known ones. You can also use licorice and kojic acid.

 Vitamin E is highly recommended for the fading the post acne marks because it heals the marks.


Some of these methods have side effects and should therefore be used with caution. The hydroquinone is banned because cancer scares in some countries. The use of vitamin E alone tends to cause skin irritation.

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