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How to easily clear acne on forehead

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Are you fed up by the adult acne? Of course everybody does and will in fact do anything to clear the obnoxious acne on forehead. However, before we even think about clearing the zits, it is important to appreciate that accumulation of dirt on the face tends to worsen the acne on forehead. If you use various products on the face, there could be those which are making things worse.

The acne on forehead could be due to the dandruff which you   keep scratching. This has a way of triggering the acne. It is thus to treat the dandruff before thinking about the pimples on the forehead.

The hair should be washed through use of shampoo at least twice a day .The hair should not hang loosely on the forehead as the oil from hair. If you have a long hair, pull it back and tie it to a pony tail.

The face should be cleaned everyday using a mild form. Avoid the harsh soaps  which are likely  to  trigger the  acne .When  washing  the face ,avoid  forcefully scrubbing  it but rather ,wash gently.

Use Benzoyl peroxide

This chemical is very useful in treating the acne as it has bacteria killing properties. You only need to apply a thin layer of the chemical to destroy the bacteria called p.acnes.

 There is a chemical known as alpha hydroxyl acid.  This acid is very effective in peeling off the acne and sloughing the zit. If you have an inflammation, the acid will help to ease   it immediately.

 As much as possible, resist the temptations to touch, press or  pinch the pimples as these will trigger  a further spread of  the condition and  you could possibly lead to a permanent  scarring.

 Only oil-free products for   treating the condition.

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