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Hormonal acne chin treatment

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Hormones contribute greatly to the acne on your chin. The skin being the largest organ in our body excretes the excess either oil or other substances.  The skin too produces a fluid which keeps our skin supple. If the oil however is produced in excess, it gets clogged in the pores which in turn combine with substances like dirt resulting to hormonal acne chin.

Acne on the chin is very painful and makes one distressed and embarrassed. The good thing is that this problem can be alleviated with any of the following treatments.

Doing away with dairy products

Most of the dairy cows are given growth hormones. Consumption of milk, cheese or even yogurt can contribute to hormonal acne chin.  The three products will play a great role in triggering oil production in the skin. The body will therefore use the chin to remove these excess hormones. Our faces have a greater number of sebaceous glands and since hormones are fat soluble, they will use the glands along the jawline to remove these fat based hormones.

If you will need a noticeable change on your chin, try and go for a few weeks without any cheese, yogurt or milk.

Consult your gynecologist to balance out your hormones

Birth control pills can be a cause for the hormonal imbalance that you are experiencing. When you have a hormonal imbalance, there will be an overproduction of oil which will be removed through your skin. As the oil will be making its way out of the skin, it will find other substances on the surface of your chin like dirt and bacteria thereby resulting to hormonal acne chin. A gynecologist will offer you helpful information on ways to prevent those hormonal fluctuations.  From there on, you will need to treat the acne and enjoy a flawless skin for the rest of your life.

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