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Cheek pimples treatment

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If you are suffering from cheek pimples, you will realize that there are no special products which are available for the cheek .With patience though, you will be able to deal with the problem effectively.

Instead of squeezing out the cheek pimples, all that you need to do is to apply iodine. The iodine is applied using a cotton ball and the concealed with a foundation for a week. After a week, the acne will dry out and you will be free from it.

The pus inside the pimples can easily be removed by applying aloe Vera on the cheeks. A leaf of the plant is cut and the oil applied gently on the cheek.after making a few compresses every day, you will begin to experiences some changes on the appearances of the pimples.

 Using a steam bath will open up the pores on the cheeks, helping to remove the pimples in the process. All that you need to do is to boil water and then cover your head with a towel and lean forward to the streaming water.

 Next, take a bandage coated with hydrogen peroxide and use it   to remove the sebaceous plugs forming on the surface of the skin.

 A fresh tomato is quite helpful in cheek pimples treatment. In particular, you will use it to wipe the skin in order to get rid of white heads. The slices of the tomato could   also be used to make a mask.

 There are a number of things that you will need not to do in order to deal with it. Fatty, salty and sweet foods should be reduced as they tend to exacerbate the condition.

 Water and greens would make perfect replacement for the above foods. Exercise and breathing fresh air every morning will offer you the relief that you need.

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