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Causes, symptoms and treatment of acne around mouth

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One of the most unpleasant things that you can ever suffer from is the acne around mouth. Yet, having a smooth skin does not guarantee you that you will not suffer from it. The reason behind this is the fact that the beauty products that we use are the ones responsible for the condition. Do you routinely use lip balm on your lips? Be careful on the types that you use because if they are the wrong ones, the ugly pimples will appear on one corner of the mouth. A change in the products that you use will make a whole lot of a difference.

What you need to know about acne around mouth

There is little information that is shared out to the general public on this condition. The first thing that you will need to know is that the infection can be prevented. The second thing is that the repetitive use of   certain types of lip balm will cause this problem. The lip balms which have scents in them as well as those   that which have flavours in them are the worst; they will cause the condition the moment you start using them. The best thing is to use the ones which are free from either of them. Unfortunately, the majority of the lip balm that we have in the market is either scented or flavoured.

The other common cause of the acne around mouth is a substance found in the toothpaste. It is known as sodium laurel sulphate or SLS. Not all the toothpastes contain this chemical. If you think that the toothpaste you are using has this substance, make a quick switch to the one that does not contain it.

How to prevent the problem

Suffering from the acne is not an end by itself. There are various remedies that you can seek to prevent it in the first place.

Pure wax

Have you ever heard about the pure wax lip balm? This is the best solution to your acne. It offers a working alternative to the scented and flavoured types.However; the long term plan would be to stop using the lip balms once and for all.

 Change toothpastes

As we have earlier seen, some toothpaste is harmful when they come into contact with your lips. Shop smartly for your next toothpaste. The best is one that is SLS-free. If you are unsure, ask for assistance.

Something extra that you can do is to ensure that you always rinse your mouth with warm water after brushing the teeth.

Avoid the addiction

It is not easy to stop yourself from the addiction. The makers of these lip balm know how to keep you addicted by adding various flavours such as chocolate and cola. When you taste them, they stir beautiful memories hence you will find yourself attracted to it much of the time. The only way to get you out of this addiction is to look for the pure wax brands. The brands in which these fragrances and flavours have been added clog the pores and irritate them. Before you realise it, you will have small, red pimples forming on the corner of the moth. In a matter of days, they will combine to form one large blister-like wound at the corner of the mouth.

 Stay hydrated

The lips should not be kept dry as this is a precursor to the acne. To prevent dryness and cracking of the lips, take water in sips throughout the day. This is particularly important when air is very dry or the day is hot. The lip wax is also very effective in preventing the cracking of the lips.

 Ointment made from the neem oil is amiable alternative for the elimination of the dry lips as well as preventing the breakout of the red spots on the corner of the mouth.


The air gets dry in some cases in the mouth. Investing in a good humidifier in the house will offer you the kind of humidity you need to keep the lips moist. The humidifier is not just for the home but in the office where you will spend most of the time of the day.

Aloe Vera

For those who cannot afford to keep off the lip balm, at least ensure that you apply aloe Vera two times in a day. This should b applied before applying the lip balm.

 Facial waters

In order to get to ensure that you not suffer from any irritation, you will be required to apply the facial waters. These waters are rich in a chemical known as selenium and sometimes magnesium. The purpose of the facial waters is to offer one the much needed relief from the blemished that become red and clearly visible. When you use on the lips before applying the foundation, it will calm the skin and therefore, you will not experience the irritation on the lips.

Avoid harsh ingredients

Sometimes we use harsh chemicals on our lips, leading to the acne around mouth. Some of these irritants include the salicylic acid, sulphur and the   Benzoyl peroxide. These ones not only irritate the lip, they also affect the mucous membrane. Most of them are found in the creams that we apply. To prevent them from burning the skin around the mouth, you should first test them on spot before applying them. If they are harsh, avoid using them completely.

 Touching the face

We tend to touch the face too many times and sometimes this is subconsciously done. You will however find that it would be necessary to be extra careful and observe personal hygiene before touching the face. The germs in the hands could lead to an infection.

Changing the pillow cases

The pillow case could be a fertile ground for the germs. As such, you will need to replace as often as you can. This will help privet transfer of germs when sleeping.

Some types of clothing trigger this problem and in most cases, we are talking about the turtlenecks and scarves.

Lastly, avoid certain foods which trigger acne.

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