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Causes of cheek acne

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Acne appearance does not depend on the age of an individual. Whether you are 57 or 17, it is very much possible for you to suffer from it. The system of a human body is very much complex.  For example, you can be having a function disorder but this can lead to a number of several system disorders such as cheek acne. It is hard to tell the reason of your acne on cheek and therefore you will need a diagnosis from a specialist that is, if you cheek does not clear in a week or so.

The following are some of the factors which have a possibility of contributing to cheek acne. They include;

Oily skin

Although an oily skin is advantageous when it comes to wrinkles appearance, it can make the pores to clog.  An oily face has sebaceous glands which are very active in producing of sebum which tends to enlarge your pores. Since your pores are enlarged, a way is created where dirt and dust accumulate. From there, the hair follicles getinflamed and they burst causing cheek acne.

Medication usage

Hello, if you are on medication and you notice emergence of pimples on your cheek then you should not look for any other cause. There are some medicines especially the ones with antibiotics or hormones which cause your body to react due to these active substances in them.

Poor facial care

Apart from frequent use of cosmetics in large amounts which leads to clogging of the pores, use of poor quality cosmetics can be a reason for cheek acne. It is important to be keen on what you are applying on your face. The quality is also important if you are looking to a smooth and shiny skin. The other thing is that you must always observe proper hygiene on your face.

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