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Causes of a lip pimple

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Each and every person dreads waking up in the morning with a pimple on the face. This can be made even worse when you have a lip pimple. This is a very unlikely area for pimple to appear and if it appears it can never be hidden since it is very much visible. The attention that attracts people due to the pimple on your lip can make you very stressed and uncomfortable.

Pimples on the lip are worse off because this is the part that you use to drink and eat your food. The irritation will be so frequent since you cannot stay without taking your food.  For those people who have a tendency of pressing the lips together, pain may be aggravated not forgetting spicy food too.

The following are some of the causes of a lip pimple.

  • Use of a lip balm, lipstick or even lip gloss that is of low quality can be a cause to lip pimple. These products have chemical ingredients which can get deep in your skin of the lips. The damage on the skin of your lips will allow a bacterial infection which will lead to pimples appearing on your lips. It therefore important to get to know the quality of your cosmetics or else you will regret.
  • There are also some ingredients in quality lip balms which can result to appearance of pimples on your lip. This happens so if your lips are very sensitive. The moment you realize that your lips are getting damaged due to a lip balm that you are using, you should stop it at once.
  • Another cause of pimples on the lip may be due to hormonal changes in your body. The changes can be brought about by pregnancy, stress, puberty or even menstruation.
  • A poor diet can also be another reason of the presence of the pimples on the lips.

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