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Best way to treat acne around mouth

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Best way to treat acne around mouth

Nodules, pustules, whiteheads and blackheads have one thing in common: they are all types of back acne that we have. Of course one more addition to the list would be the cysts.  If you suffer from the condition, blame it on the genes   which you inherited from your parents. For others the back acne is as a result of the hormonal imbalances.

Regardless of the type of back acne that you are suffering from, you will find that there is always some ways of preventing them. The best ones are as follows:

Keep off medications

Some medications are known to cause or worsen the condition. If you are currently on androgens for instance, you should consult the doctor since hormonal fluctuations could drive you to the edge. Lithium-based drugs are also not good for you as well.

Oily skin products

Our skins react differently when we have used certain creams, moisturisers among others tend to trigger the condition. If you have to use the product, then it is advisable that you limit your use of such products.

Use the non-comedogenic products

To prevent the back acne, only go for the ones which are indicated as non-comedogenic. The comedogenic products are not safe for use due to the risk involved of blackhead formation.

 Limit pressure

The back should not be subjected to a lot of pressure through back packs and heavy sports equipment. If you have to carry them, have breaks in between. Alternatively, go for a clean cotton T-shirt as it will absorb the sweat.


There are specific medications which you can use to relieve or manage the acne.

Lastly, a proper skin care will go a long way in helping prevent the flare up of this condition. Wash it using recommended   cleansers.

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