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Acne rosacea symptoms

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Acne rosacea symptoms

There is a skin condition affecting some areas of the skin. It is known as acne rosacea and though it is never very serious, you should be worried if the front of the eye and should in fact seek medical attention. What are the various symptoms of the condition?


If you notice that you are flushing several times, know that you have acne rosacea. This is the symptom that emerges first before any other shows up. It would be a while before you notice the second symptom.

 Redness in the face

The sufferer of the condition will tend to have redness in the face. If you look carefully, you will notice that this redness is very similar to sunburn.

Red spots

Apart from the redness, there appears some red spots are cystic, resembling acne. If not treated, they will keep appearing and disappearing.

 Blood vessels

People with acne rosacea tend to have blood vessels appearing on some parts of the face. Though they are not always visible unless you look closer, at other times you will see them even from far.

 Skin thickens

The skin will tend to thicken with a typical situation being the presence of a bumpy nose. This problem is not very common and in most cases, you will find it in men more than women.

 Eye problems

As we noted, the problem in the eye is the most serious phase of this condition. Take a lot of caution when you start experiencing something in the eye which you can’t tell what it is.

 Other people with acne rosacea complain that they are feeling a tingling sensation, light sensitivity and dryness in the skin.

When there are finally styes, inflammation or the presence of cysts, this should raise a red flag in your mind. This is the worst form of the disease and should be attended to.

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