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Acne cheek home remedy

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There many medications that is available for acne cheek removal. However, the chemical in these medications are however likely to cause more harm and should therefore go for the more natural but effective home remedies.

One of the best remedies for acne cheek is honey. It has anti-biotic properties, reduces redness on the skin and gets rid of the dirt found on the skin. You only   need to use a cotton pad to dab the honey. To make it more effective, honey is mixed with cinnamon powder.

The mixture is allowed to settle for around 25 minutes before being washed off.


We say as cool as a cucumber. This holds true especially when it comes to acne cheek problem. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory   properties of the vegetable, you will get relief from the break put. Simply place a slice on the acne or grind it before application.  Cucumber helps in reducing the size of the acne. After applying cucumber on the skin, give it half an hour before washing it off with a splash do warm water.

 Ice treatment

Ice cubes are very effective in eliminating acne cheek. Get an ice cube and wrap it in a clean cloth. It is then rubbed on the affected area at least two times a day .it serves 3 purposes where used; first, it makes the pores tighter; secondly, it boosts the circulation of blood and thirdly, it helps in the removal of dirt.

Toothpaste is used in the acne cheek removal. The best type of toothpaste to use is the one that is free from a chemical known as SLS. It should also be the white part of the paste, not the gel. The work of the paste is to dry the acne, reduce the redness and also diminish it.

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